Campaign Analysis

It goes without saying that campaign analysis is essential to measure the success of your email, ad, and social media campaigns. In-platform analytics are great for seeing how many clicks and impressions your ads are getting and some audience demographics, but often there is missing information about the actions actually taken on your website.

Using campaign tracking in Google Analytics, you can get a much stronger picture of how your campaigns are performing — and you can see all of them in one place.

The point of running campaigns is to increase awareness, traffic, and sales or leads. We help clients gain insights and make decisions about current campaigns, and strategize for their next ones.

With custom tags, you can view multi-platform campaigns and compare their effectiveness. View the statistics on each social media platform, email, video, and other campaigns to see how much revenue they drive and their conversion rates.

On top of that, you can compare audience insights at a glance: user demographics, engagement behaviour, devices, browsers, other content viewed per session — the works. This can help you narrow down weaknesses in your campaigns and make adjustments, and narrow campaigns down to the top-performing platforms.

Campaign analysis in action

As part of our traffic analysis and SEO reporting during kickoff research, we provide insights on any current campaigns and their performance. We can also include campaign analysis with our monthly digital strategy support engagements, delivering effectiveness overviews and recommendations.