Social Media Marketing

Whether you’re B2B, B2C, non-profit, or an international brand, social media can increase your reach, build a community of brand ambassadors, and humanize your business.

From quick meal ideas and style tips to the best place to get brakes repaired and university reviews, people turn to social media for everything. If someone learns about your company from a friend’s Instagram post of their home renovation, or while checking Pinterest in the aisle of a store before making a purchase, the power of social media can’t be ignored.

Your customers are hanging out on social media, and you should be there with them.

We help our clients understand which social platforms will be the most effective, how often to post, what types of content to create, and how to use social media analytics to adapt and grow.

The most important aspect of social media is the community. With so much marketing noise in our daily lives, consumers are numb to most advertising. That’s why user generated content (UGC), influencers, and micro-influencer marketing are such successful social media marketing techniques — people trust the opinions and recommendations of their friends or people who feel like peers over businesses.

Social media marketing is also a critical integration with your SEO strategy. No matter how gorgeous your visual content or compelling your blog copy, your content can’t market itself on keywords alone. Regularly amplifying your content on the right social platforms helps to really drive traffic and build brand awareness.

And when a satisfied customer shares a success story to their friends and family, that’s the kind of marketing money can’t buy.

Social media marketing in action

We work with some of our web design clients post-launch in digital strategy support, which includes monthly analytics reporting on their website, social media, and SEO performance.