Custom WordPress Development

The website you need right now isn’t the same site you’ll need in 12-18 months. Whether it’s a company rebrand, the integration of an e-commerce platform, or an expansion to address different locations, services, and team members — your website needs to easily shift and grow with your business.

As a critical sales and marketing tool, your website has a huge role. It needs to tell your story, reflect your professionalism, and convince people to trust and buy from you. It might just be your biggest investment, so you need to get it right.

We craft high-quality custom websites on a scalable WordPress content management system (CMS), because we don’t want you to need a whole new website in five years. We want our website last.

WordPress is a massively popular CMS for a reason. It’s secure, comes with a vast library of performance- and experience-enhancing plugins, and easy to build upon. It makes adapting to search engine algorithm updates and SEO best practices a breeze.

WordPress is user-friendly and intuitive to modify for content, development, security, and maintenance — meaning you’ll save time and budget down the road on website redesigns and rebuilds.

We use customizations to make it simple for you to add unique fields and forms, and to connect social media to grow your audience and engage with your customers.

Custom WordPress in action

After the functional prototype and web design have met approval, we move into WordPress development. This is when we take all of the unique elements you’ve chosen for your website and turn them into code. Development includes thorough QA testing for speed, accuracy, functionality, and responsiveness across multiple devices.

We also provide complete training and documentation, and support your website post-launch for any issues that might arise.