QA and Testing

QA is about measuring up to a level of performance and functionality in line with both business and project goals. Good QA goes more than skin-deep; along with assuring an attractive user interface, we constantly verify and tweak the usability that keeps the user’s experience smooth and intuitive.

By mapping your content to a prototype before starting design, we show you your site structure and navigation before content and design. This allows us to build-out functionality and measure its effect — and shows us what to test to make sure the completed project lives up to expectations.

Our process is designed to weave QA into every step through smaller deliverables and approvals. This reduces the time and energy needed on the final round of QA that happens before your website goes live.

Quality assurance in action

During QA, our team checks every possible aspect of the staged site project to ensure it looks, feels, and functions exactly like the prototype and designs that were approved. We test the site across numerous devices for responsiveness, to make sure all elements appear and function correctly on different sized screens.

We also check link accessibility, test navigation menus, make sure fine design details like bullets and categories are stylized, and much more.