Traffic Analysis

Too often, we see websites that were launched and forgotten, with an expectation that the site would do all the heavy lifting by itself.

Whether you’re planning topics for your business blog, considering adding or removing pages, or looking for audience insights to plan a smart digital advertising campaign, your website traffic data has you covered.

With a basic understanding of data, you can gain valuable insights about your website’s visitors and your content — and turn that knowledge into strategy. That’s why we’re always singing the praises of Google Analytics in our blog and to our clients.

Google Analytics is a great traffic analysis tool that can help you identify all kinds of specific information:

  • How many pages of content are Canadian visitors viewing?
  • Is your mobile experience as strong as that for desktop visitors?
  • Which social platform is sending the best quality traffic?
  • Which pages are performing the best, and which have the highest bounce rates?
  • How much time did people spend reading your last blog post?
  • How does your content perform with 34-year-old males?

Regularly checking website traffic data can help you catch issues as they arise, address under-performing areas of your site, and hone in on your best content to recreate its success.

Traffic analysis in action

We perform a complete traffic analysis in the kickoff data discovery stage of every web design project.

As part of a post-launch digital strategy support engagement, we also perform monthly traffic analysis reports for our clients — we interpret the numbers for you, and make suggestions based on what we discover. We recommend pairing Google Analytics reporting with heat maps for a complete view of your audience and website.