• Improve brand equity and online reach through branded storytelling
  • Improve overall aesthetic and user experience and to make the site more engaging
  • Drive site conversion of users into contacts and ultimately customers through trust and credibility content
  • Improve SEO performance to increase organic traffic and drive leads
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS
Phase 1


Spark + Co. provides a valuable service for all kinds of organizations and industries. But with the limitations of a WordPress theme site, their online presence didn’t match the high quality and professionalism of their work. They came to us ready for a complete revamp, including custom WordPress design and development, new photography, refreshed content, and improved user experience.

The focus of this website design was to build out their trust and credibility content, while significantly improving the overall site quality and experience. We mapped out new areas for their case studies and approach, while tightening the information architecture of their storytelling content and resources.

Home Page Design
Phase 2

Style Concepts

Spark + Co. wasn't looking for a rebrand, but they had a great opportunity to build out their existing branding assets in the move away from a theme site. The creation of a bigger site and custom web design gave us room to add more shades and tones into the existing palette. The use of gradient overlays on their new photography, plus more professional typography, infuses the design with a creative energy reflective of their business.

Style Tile
Phase 3

Bringing it all together

The new Spark + Co. website is a much more professional, visually engaging visitor experience. With increased use of photography and a custom design, their content feels more polished and modern – but it still has that welcoming small business vibe. Their new case studies area gives them a place to showcase the successful work they've done with their clients. The freshly optimized content and new integrated blog set them up for SEO success.