Mobile Accessibility

We are living in a mobile world, and your business website needs to keep up. Even if the majority of your website traffic comes from desktop devices (which is common for B2B businesses), search engines like Google are focused on the mobile user experience, and that’s what matters.

Mobile accessibility is about speedy page loads, mobile-friendly UX elements like navigational options, and a responsive web design.

We’ve been doing responsive web design and development for many years, because our work is driven by user experience. Your content, personality, and credibility should be equally effective on any device.

Building mobile-friendly websites requires foresight. How will your visual elements render on different screen shapes and sizes? Are the menus reachable with your thumbs?

A mobile-friendly redesign doesn’t mean you need to create two separate websites, or go through additional rounds of creative approvals. A responsive web design will make every element of your site will adjust to the device your visitor is using. It just works.

From mobile search traffic to visits from mobile social media apps, you want to deliver the same experience for every visitor who reaches your site and engages with your content. That’s great user experience, and that’s good for business.

Mobile accessibility in action

Right from the kickoff and initial content research through design and development, we’re strategizing for each of our website projects with mobile users in mind. All of the custom WordPress websites we build go through QA testing on multiple devices, to ensure the ideal user experience is always achieved.

We understand the importance of SEO to a website’s success, and speed testing is also a big part of our development phase.