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Why Kartal in Istanbul is a Great Spot for Property Investment

Kartal, in Asian Istanbul, is a district that few tourists are familiar with. But to locals and property buyers, Kartal has much to offer. From stunning Marmara Sea views to family-friendly[...]

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Kemer-Antalya in Turkey – The City of Tourism, Nature and Culture

For an unforgettable place to buy a holiday home, look no further than Kemer-Antalya in Turkey. Famed for beautiful nature spots, luxury hotels, fascinating sights and fine beaches, Kemer of Antalya[...]

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Why the Turquoise Coast of Turkey Should be Your Next Riviera Destination

Exploring the stunning Turquoise Coast of Turkey takes everyone's breath away. Sitting in the country's south, the Mediterranean coast boasts crystal-clear waters, gorgeous beaches,[...]

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How to Overcome Language Barriers in Turkey

By far, one of the most common questions people ask us is how to overcome language barriers in Turkey. Knowing spoken languages is a great skill in this multicultural world as more people move around[...]

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Upmarket Residential Areas in Istanbul to Buy a Home

When looking at upmarket/luxury residential areas in Istanbul, be prepared to be wowed. From the most prestigious neighbourhoods and places where the most important international brands open up[...]

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February 2023 Changes to the Turkish Citizenship Real Estate Program

Thanks to the easy application process and low entry investment amounts, the Turkish citizenship by real estate program attracts much interest worldwide. However, the scheme changes to keep up to[...]

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Updated Guide of Where to Live in Turkey for Wannabe Expats

When looking at where to live in Turkey, potential expats have many choices. The country offers diversity and variety on every doorstep and decent living costs compared to other places, especially[...]

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Popular Destinations for Digital Nomads in Turkey

In the past few years, but especially since COVID, interest has peaked in being a digital nomad in Turkey. The lure is easy to understand. Turkey offers much, from Mediterranean coastal towns to[...]

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Why the Turkish Culture and Lifestyle Appeals to Everyone

Almost every foreigner we know is intensely curious about Turkish culture when visiting Turkey. Of course, much like any destination, the culture is different in urban areas compared to rural[...]

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Looking at Property for Sale in Turkey? Here is What You Need to Know

If you are looking at property for sale in Turkey, it is important not to jump straight in with two feet. While we always say that a Turkish sale is quick and easy especially compared to other[...]

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