• Strategic content with branded storytelling to improve click-through and bounce rates
  • Stronger and more engaging overall aesthetic and user experience design
  • Improved experience and usability on the Locations Finder via robust Google Maps API integrations
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS
Phase 1


Empress Gin, crafted by Victoria Distillers, had an award-winning product from an established and reputable Canadian company. They needed their website to capture the unique experience and appeal of the gin, its ingredients, and the cocktail culture.

Imagery and brand storytelling would drive this web design, so our focus was on creating a simple structure to showcase those key points: history, ingredients, and recipes. The natural flow would lead visitors intrigued by the content to the ‘Find Empress’ locations page, or to contact the distillery about booking a tour.

Home Page Design
Phase 2

Style Concepts

Empress Gin had strong branding and a gorgeous collection of photos. We kept the palette consistent with their existing branding, using an indigo reminiscent of the gin to accent page elements and emphasize images. More content was created around the cocktails and ingredients, creating more opportunity for stunning visuals. Social media integration on the About page adds a lively new layer to their story.

Style Tile
Phase 3

Bringing it all together

The newly redesigned Empress Gin website is truly a visual experience. The overall look is classy, refined, and unique like the gin. The image-driven user flow guides visitors through the brand story, creating an exciting emotional connection to drive conversions. Improved Google Maps API and search integration helps visitors find the nearest retailer.